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Welcome to Freedom Tree Service

Congratulations!   You have reached Northern Virginias premiere arboreal company, Freedom Tree Service, Inc.  We exist to care for your tree needs.  From tree removal to deep root fertilization, we truly do care for you and your trees.

Our mission is to provide our clients with top quality tree service in a clean and safe manner. Since its inception in 1996, Freedom Tree Service has built a highly qualified team of tree care professionals. Our equipment is up to date and well serviced, matching our high standards.

Freedom Tree Service offers free estimates, and also provides emergency service if needed. As expected, we are licensed and insured.

Lesson fom the Blizzard of 2010

We have seen vast amounts of tree damage from this storm, particularly to evergreens. Click here for some lessons to be learned from the damage

"It is unfortunately rare these days when you get what you pay for, even rarer when you get more than you pay for. For this reason, I'd like to commend Freedom Tree Service for the fine work, attention to detail, and going beyond my expectations in each of the three tree removal/trimming jobs for which I have hired the company."

Jeff, Fairfax, VA

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